Sunday, October 25, 2009

Put on a mask...

Hello Lovelies!

So much to share as usual! First, this will be the last post before the post next Sunday (November 1st), announcing the winner of the giveaway! A ton of great suggestions so far... I'm glad you Poppets get it. For those just coming onboard, the giveaway that ends October 31st is for an entire set of my Alice in Wonderland photo illustrations ($65 value). All you have to do to enter, is give me a movie or book idea you think I'd like and leave your email or shop name so I can notify the winner. Less than a week left!

I went to a superhero themed costume party last night and how much fun was that?! We got all decked out. Here are some pics of us ready to go. (Mystique wasn't messing around, her costume was amazing.)

Oh, and one of the Sword Swallower pieces was featured in a great Treasury this week. So many other neat carnival-themed photos in there too. Love it.

It's no secret I am a big fan of the Morbid Anatomy blog. You wanna know why? Oh, because every post is sheer awesome and talks about things I've never heard of. Case and point, a recent post talked about Cabaret du NĂ©ant or Tavern of the Dead in Paris circa 1899. This tavern had a death theme down to the coffin tables and a meander through some catacombs guided by an undertaker. More details at Morbid, but how much does it make me wish I had lived in 1899, in Paris? Awesome.

And, let me wrap up with another favorite movie of mine based on a book by William March; The Bad Seed. The book is very good and pretty astute for its day (1956), and the movie is even better. Like so many movies about sociopathic children, it covers the various nefarious doings of one Rhoda Penmark. Wow. Really. Just watch it. Between the killings and the manipulation and the internal struggles of her mom and the acting, it's first rate gang. Truly. *Shudder* Enjoy.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...


Robbin said...

i had a great chuckle over this blog post because my mom nicknamed me 'the bad seed' when i was a child (based on this movie you are talking about) and still calls me that to this day. also, great costumes from that party! wow.

cabin + cub said...

holy moly.. that child is lookin crazy! that twitch in her eye is giving me the creeps! the super hero party looks so fun... what great costumes!!!
I am so excited about Halloween I am dancing on the spot!

The Stapelia Company said...

cabin + cub: The eye twitch is the least of it. That movie gives me the heeby jeebies for sure.

I can't wait for Halloween either! Yaaaay! :)

Julie said...

Love your Alice in Wonderland illistrations. You are very talented.

I think you will like the Pan's Labyrinth movie. Have you seen it?