Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall is in the air...

Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are all well! I was on vacation this past week because my sister (who lives on the West Coast) was in town visiting. We had a lot of fun, and I think we probably got the last warm week of summer here. Irene blew in some fall-like weather here in Maine. Here are some shots of her trip. (That's the first time she ever held a lobster, and it sort of freaked her out... but she did just fine.) It was a good week, I love you Ab!

What else? Oh, if you're local to Portland, Maine, I have some pieces in a show at Mayo Street Arts. The show opens this Friday for First Friday Artwalk and the theme is portraits. I have some beautiful framed prints of my Titian Haired Beauty, Beehive and Killer Mime Bird pieces. Pics don't do them justice. Stop on by and say 'hi' if you're local!

I have also finally finished shooting my big annual project! I think (and hope) this will series will blow you away. I will reveal teasers as we go along (starting with this one) until the project's release October 3rd. These ladies somewhat inspired my series and they are part of a great Galactically Hot Women of Star Trek Set on Flickr. See the rest here.

And while we're talking about photography that will blow your mind, I just discovered someone whose work is just amazing and still has a great deal of contemporary relevance in my opinion: Ralph Eugene Meatyard (great name). Heard of him? Well take a look at his work and tell me he doesn't seem modern in his approach. He died in '72 and most of these were shot in the 40's! Amazing...

And let's wrap up with a movie that I'm not sure I've ever seen, but maybe. Uhm. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie? Anyone seen it? And if so... how was it? I honestly don't know how I missed this one, folks. Let me know what you think? Have you seen it? If so, what was your favorite scene?

And why do they all look like Don Rickles?

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Godfather Returns...

Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are all doing well out there this week! Busy over here as usual and I have some exciting things to share. To start, I was commissioned to shoot two of the cars used in the actual Godfather movies for marketing purposes and to celebrate the upcoming 40th anniversary of the series. We had a ton of fun with the cars. A big thank you to Motoropolis Classic Cars for the opportunity! Here are some of the shots, the rest can be seen on my Flickr page.

I am gearing up to release my big annual photo series in October (for those of you new to the site, past series have included Cigar, Creeper & Dark Circus and Sideshow and Zom-B-Vex) and I am sending out some promo packets to local ad agencies to peak their interest and to let them know I'm around and available for work. I just ordered these amazing mini accordion books from Bay Photo to showcase my work and I am delighted with them. Take a look and let me know what you think!

And I have discovered yet another amazing conceptual photographer, Brooke Shaden, who I think you will all appreciate. Her work is beautiful and arty and I love how she shoots from neat angles and hangs people in the air to give her work a weightless, unique almost cinematic quality. Here are my favorites:

And let's wrap up with a completely bonkers movie that was so crude and violent and also funny and over the top, that I'm still trying to process it all. Hobo with a Shotgun, is definitely not for everyone, it has the same feel as Rob Zombie's movies and 1970's grindhouse flicks remade by Alex Rodriguez. There is almost no plot, but the basic gist is that a hobo, played by Rutger Hauer, rolls into a completely corrupt town, sees major crimes going on all around him, gets fed up, buys a shotgun and becomes a hobo with a shotgun. Roll credits. But the quotes and the violence make it hilarious. If you like Rob Zombie, you'll love this.

Plus, the poster's pretty cool too.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Distant Rumble...

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are all well out there. Much to share as usual here. To start, my work has gotten some attention lately and I'm so happy, I wanted to share. First, Laughing Squid (a wonderful art blog out of San Francisco) featured my Everything's Alright Here series last week. Then that same series was featured again on a blog called Photojojo, which features artistic photography of all kinds. I was flattered to be featured alongside people whose work I've admire for some time, so a big thank you to both!

I was also asked awhile back if my Macabit the Barker image could be used on the cover of Filth, a zine out of Baltimore that features art, photography and short fiction. I said yes and I just received a copy last week. The work inside is great and I was flattered to be asked. So, thank you to Karley over at Filth as well! New photography will be posted next week and I think you're going to love it, Kiddies... standby.

And speaking of photography, I have found some great new work I wanted to share. Have you Lovelies heard of Jasmin Schuller? All of her work is pretty amazing, but I fell in love specifically with her Sweet Meat series. She photographed meats of all kinds styled to look like desserts. It's both mouth watering and disturbing.

And speaking of disturbing, my friend turned me on to Killhouettes: silhouettes depicting Victorian folks offing themselves, or offing others, or just proffering all manner of weapons. Is that a baby in a pram holding an axe??? The bottom line is these are really cool and I really think I need one.

And I'll wrap up with this image by Rosie Hardy, which makes me laugh. (I think we've all had days like this, no?) Oh, and she has a great Flickr stream as well.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dark & Dusty Things...

Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are all doing well! Things here are so busy and good I'm about to burst. To start, I went to my local library's annual used book sale and I scored some great books. With all the big box book stores going out of business and people either not reading anymore, or reading on a Kindle or other device, it's refreshing to go into a hushed, musty old library and dig through real books. The book I'm most excited about is the copy of This Perfect Day by Ira Levin I found. I have never seen this title by him, but I loved Stepford Wives and Rosemary's Baby, so I'm sure this will also be wonderful. I also found some old James Bond VHS tapes that I bought as well. (I have an old player, and I hate to see them get trashed.) Plus, You Only Live Twice was in there, one of my favorites!

And have you ever seen one of these, Lovelies? I thought it was a perfume bottle. It's much more interesting than that. I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Blood Milk, and she had one too. Apparently, during the Victorian Era, people in mourning carried Lacrymatory bottles, a glass vessel that was used for collecting tears shed during the grieving period. This typically lasted one year and some bottles were fitted with a special stopper that would allow for the tears to evaporate over time. Others, preserved the tears to later be spilled over the grave of the dearly departed once the mourning period had ended. So amazing and macabre and I have one! Take a look:

And going from one interest of mine to another, I found a great photographer on Etsy who specializes in creating miniature tableaus using mixed perspective. (You know I'm a sucker for miniature people.) His shop, Un Petit Monde, is very sweet. Take a look!

I'm going to wrap up with another great shot that I thought you would appreciate as much as I did. I think from the costume, this is Batgirl? Does such a thing exist? And if so, was she part of the original TV show? Regardless, the bright colors and the campy style of the photo are right down my alley, and look very similar to my work, in fact. Who is your favorite TV superhero?

And where did she find shoes to match that ensemble???

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Love may be in the air, and she's got a crossbow...

Hello Lovelies~

Well, here we are in August already. Hard to believe the last month of summer is already upon us. We've had some crazy heat up north here this summer, but that hasn't kept me from working tirelessly to bring you new eye candy. First up, here is my latest art print: Cupid Revisited. I decided to throw the babies and the men in diapers out the window and create a more cutting edge cupid with weapons and bloody wings and raw power. Let me know what you think!

And, I also recently shot a new model to help her on a project and she let me post a few pics from the shoot for you Kids. I call this shot Space Girl Pop and she is also available as a print in my shop. The rest of the photos from that shoot are on my Flickr page, go check 'em out!

I have started setting up my profile over at Behance (more to follow on that), and I found a wonderful artist over there I wanted to share with you. Mariana Monteagudo's Fake Idols series is just amazing. The work is mixed media so it uses materials of all types, as well as hints of popular culture, to create works that seem both familiar and strange simultaneously. These pieces are cute and unsettling at the same time, which I think is the point. Still, take a look and let me know what you think.

And I'm going to wrap up with a movie recommendation. Do you like the Austin Powers movies? Modesty Blaise? Foxxy Brown? Well, if you like that 1960's international spy tongue-in-cheek humor, then you'll love In Like Flint. It stars James Coburn as the rather unlikely ladies' man and genius action hero spy. The sets and the corny dialogue make it worth the watch and there are tons of neat gadgets and costumes to keep you watching. I won't bore you with the plot, but if you have a chance, it's on Netflix right now. Here are some teaser shots:

Nice band-aid, James...

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...