Monday, July 26, 2010

Giveaways and brains....

Hello Lovelies!

I hope things are well in your world. Things are busy in mine as usual. First, if you didn't already know, I am doing a giveaway here on the blog to celebrate my 100th post! Yay! It's below this post, so scroll down, follow the directions and win!

I have completed the first 5 shots in the Zom-B-Vex series and they're coming along swimmingly you guys. I have another 6 coming out next month, so keep your eyes peeled for those. Check these out:

I have some neat (and admittedly random) things that I wanted to share that I know you'll all appreciate. First, I told you all awhile back about my head lamps that I was restoring. Well, I have cleaned, patched, rewired, sanded and primered them and they're all ready for fresh paint! Here's how they look now. Soon, they will be ready for action.

For years I wanted a Visible Man model from Renwal. They're so neat and detailed. It's not like they're hard to find, but they are hard to find in the box in mint condition and unassembled. I found one! I think the box is my favorite part.

Awhile back I posted pics of the letterpress calendar I received from the Cloudy Collection because I love them. Well, I just ordered their Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood print set and it came, and I'm in love. Take a look at the sea captain... my favorite.

So I'm going to wrap up with a TV show review. I was turned on to Pushing Daisies by a friend. Many of you may have watched it. It was on 2 years and then it went off the air. I just saw Season 1 over the weekend and my mind was officially blown. The plot is wonderful, the characters and dialogue are clever, the colors and the sets are impeccable. Trust me. If you like Tim Burton, you'll love this. Rent it. Now.

Plus, you get to see Swoosie Kurtz wear an eye patch.

Until next time: Unpleasant dreams...

100th Post Giveaway!

Hello Lovelies!

Well, this is my 100th blog post and to celebrate, I'm running a little giveaway. The details are as follows:

You can get this for free! ($40 value)

If you follow these easy steps:

1.) Visit The Stapelia Company's shop HERE, choose your favorite item and post a link to it in your comment below. (Hearting is optional.) :)

If you want to enter more than once, you can get additional chances to win by doing the following. (So I can verify that you've tweeted, blogged or Facebooked about this giveaway, please put the links in your comments!):

1.) Share on your Facebook or tweet about this giveaway. (2 additional chances)

2.) Blog about this giveaway (3 additional chances)

Giveaway ends AUGUST 9th, 2010! Winner will be announced August 10th.

Good luck!

Monday, July 19, 2010

They slice, they dice...

Hello Lovelies!

Well, as usual, things are hopping at the Mill. This week, I am finally releasing the first 5 pieces in the Zom-B-Vex art series that I've been hinting about! Youcan see the first couple below, they're made to look like old ads from the 1940's and they seem to makepeople smile... Keep an eye out for the rest this week. Enlargements are available!

There were several businesses that helped me with this endeavor so if you live in Maine, be sure to patronize them and tell them I sent you. Kevin, owner of Foreside Photography, allowed me the use of his studio and equipment. Thank you Kevin. And Kris at Drapeau's Costumes and Louise at Lyric Theater both provided the costumes. Thank you all!

Speaking of photography, I have found yet another wonderful artist I would like to share. Tessa Beebe's work combines the dark and the tattooed and the ocean and Halloween and mischief and I love it all. It makes me think of old sea chanties and pirates and the movie Goonies for some reason. Take a look!

And on the other end of the spectrum, is Andrew Bannecker. His illustration style looks kid-friendly at first, and then you see the actual subjects and it's very much for an adult audience. I mean, look at that balloon smoking a cigar you guys. Really? And that teeny wee clown in the big top piece? I want it for a pet...

So, I finally received The Abominable Dr. Phibes starring the inimitable Vincent Price in the mail the other day. I promptly watched it. Then, I was promptly both confused and impressed. Confused by the plot in general (which is laughable), and impressed by the colors and sets and costumes of the movie in general. It was $3.99 well spent. Check it out if you can find it... I give it 4 out of 5 corncobs.

Oh, and there's this.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Here they come... are you ready?

Hello Lovelies!

Things have been busy as a beaver over here at the Mill. To start, I hinted a couple of weeks ago at a new series of photography in the works. Well, I did a full day of shooting yesterday and I am getting ready to post some new work that I think you will love. Here is another hint for you faithful followers:

Yeah, it's going to blow your mind, no pun intended.

Speaking of creepy places I want to visit (not that we were), have you all heard of Sin-Zhi? I discovered it while reading a blog the other day and thought I'd share. Sin-Zhi was a resort community in Thailand that was started in the 80's. After a series of accidental deaths and random creepiness, all workers abandoned the project, leaving it unfinished. So now, these futuristic pods by the sea stand empty and run down and the whole thing is awesome. Take a look at these pics. It's like LOST, only with death and stuff. I love those colors:

You all know I love miniature macro photography, right? Well I do. And I have found yet another artist who does this really well. Erin Tyner has a shop on Etsy and her pieces are dramatic and moody and full of little people... three of my favorite things. Take a look!

I love 50's and 60's design aesthetic, it was cleaner than 30's/40's but still had feeling (you know, before Helvetica and the 70's made things hideous). I found an illustrator, Matthew Lyons, whose work is very much influenced by the 50's/60's aesthetic and I wanted to share some of his pieces. I would love to see him do a series of Ray Bradbury covers, that Harvest Time piece would be perfect for October Country. Check it out you guys:

Let's wrap up with some crazy news, shall we? Did you kids read about the woman who was imprisoned for sending hundreds of threatening text messages... to herself? What? That's right, after her boyfriend broke up with her, she proceeded to spend the next several years threatening herself and blaming him. Well, now she's in prison where she'll probably get to experience what a real threat feels like...

Kinda like this, only worse.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Dark Nights...

Hello Lovelies!

Whew, I just wrapped up a hot, beautiful holiday weekend here at the Mill. Lobsters, cold beverages and laughs were to be had and it was wonderful. In honor of the nice hot summer weather here in the Northern Hemisphere, I have posted some newphotography to the shop. Take a peak:

That Cyclone photo is my new favorite I think.

I have had quite a bit of success here recently with my original paintings (the Seeds of Darkness portrait from last week has already sold), and so Iwill be listing more original work in my shop. Keep your eyes peeled for that. I will make announcements here too.

I did a little shopping over the weekend and my purchases were so funny (and so me) that I thought I'd share. Yes, that's a squirrel knife for camping, and a Hello Kitty makeup bag. And yes, I will use both. That's me in a nutshell Folks. Haha.

I have found a great photographer whose work I wanted to share. Debbie Carlos has done a lot of different types of photography, which I find refreshing, but my favorites (pictured below) she took at the Chicago Field Museum. Those birds? I love them.

And now I'm going to take you from classy and muted to crazy town. Stefan Strumbel's work definitely toys with ideas of mass consumerism and gluttony, but he puts these strong statements into a technicolor palette that's confusing at first, right before it becomes awesome. Take a look:

I ordered a copy of Dr. Phibes (the movie I mentioned last post), and as soon as I watch it, I will be putting a mini review up for humor's sake. Right now, you'll have to be satisfied with a crazy news story. Did you Kiddies read about the maggots on a plane? Apparently, a US Airways flight leaving Atlanta was taxiing for takeoff and people started noticing maggots falling from the overhead compartments. Not oxygen masks. Maggots. So, they turned the plane around and fumigated. Turns out, one of the passengers brought rotten meat onboard in his carry-on. What? Yes, this is real life.

And that flight was still less awkward than this opera...

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...