Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fly Guys...

Hello Lovelies!

Well, I hope this Sunday finds you all doing well. I have been busy in the Mill as usual painting and plotting and creating mischief. Some of you may recall the frames at the Goodwill that I was going to make into art. Well, I have completed the first piece in the Icarus Amusement series and I've started on the second and they're coming along swimmingly. Take a peek... More to come, there will be 5 in all.

I recently signed up to be part of the blogger ornament exchange over at the Pampering You blog. (The date for sign ups has passed, but it's an annual thing that seems pretty fun.) I'll show you my ornament when I complete it... the recipient won't know what hit them. Heehee.

And speaking of the holidays, I came across this Santa marionette in a catalog the other day and I wanted to share since it made me say "What the... why?"

Oh, and for you book lovers out there, do I have a site for you! I stumbled across the Folio Society website quite by accident when I saw the Sam Weber illustrations for their edition of Lord of the Flies. Beautiful books with beautiful artwork, I think you have to be a member to purchase them and some are quite expensive, but if you have a favorite and they've published it, you can't beat it. If they ever published Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury ( my favorite book of all time), I would sell my limbs for it. (Except my left hand so I could still paint of course.) And if you haven't read that book, go get a copy and give it a whirl, Ray is wonderful.

I am by no means a motorcycle rider, I think they're beautiful pieces of machinery, but beyond the aesthetics, I have no interest. So imagine my surprise when I happened upon Harley Davidson's patriotic ad campaign recently and fell in love. No, not with the bikes, though they're very pretty (can you call a bike "pretty???"), with the 1940's look of the campaign. It's beautiful; the bike, the model, the fonts are all impeccable. They really spared no expense; there's a pin-up calendar, postcards to the troops. It's beautiful stuff, go check it out.

Let's wrap up with a nutso new story because well, it's been awhile and well, this one is a doozy. So, did you Kids read about the 3 homeless men in Russia who in fact killed a man and ate him? But that's not the worst part... they also sold some of his body parts to a local kebab house where other people also ate him. What the?! How does this happen? And can you imagine unknowingly eating a person? You go in for lamb, and come out with Stan. Whew boy, yuck.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams


Fernanda Frick said...

Hey! Nice blog, I'll be following you, I really like this type of stuff ;)

The Stapelia Company said...

Thank you Fernanda, glad to have you aboard. :)

RhiannonSTR said...

I LOVE the book "Lord of the Flies" it was excellent. The three homeless men, killed a dude and ate him - how do you plan something like that? That is crazy!
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cabin + cub said...

Love the new work... can't wait to see the other 4 and then all of them together!

Oh I remember that illustration of Lord of the Flies.. it was on the cover!
Great book!