Monday, January 18, 2010

Dark Snow Bunny...

Hello Lovelies!

It is a snowy morning here in Maine. A foot on the ground and it's still not done. Perfect weather to hole up and get creative. (Too bad I have to work instead...)

Those of you have have been following my Cigar, Creeper & Dark Circus and Sideshow Series will be happy to know that I am getting ready to do another shoot in 2 weekends to add to the series! Only a few more left to go and then I am designing an art print poster featuring all of the people of the CCD Circus and Sideshow. Keep an eye out for that.

Not surprisingly (since my work somewhat has an aged aesthetic), I am a collector and lover of all things old and worn. On the weekends, I love nothing more than to go junking and find things that I can clean or refurbish and put in my home to enjoy. (I'll post pictures of my greatest find ever next week.) So, imagine my delight, when I found Lost Found Art, a business dedicated to finding collections of things for people who don't have the time or skill to locate these things themselves. These collections are then installed in the customer's home as art. As you can see from a few of the shots below, anything can be collected and anything can be beautiful if displayed properly. Perhaps Stapelia should start offering this service... Hmm. :)

I have found another wonderful artist from the UK recently. Polly Morgan's work combines taxidermy (all animals were found dead or were donated by pet owners) and humor to create beautiful and somewhat funny pieces of art. Polly is both a photographer and a trained taxidermist and really, does a cooler combination of skills exist? I think not... (And yes, that is a bird head bouquet. Brilliant.)

I also found a blog called A Dark Whimsey that you Lovelies should check out. It's chock full of great artists and artwork that is dark and somewhat humorous. Go take a peek.

And let's wrap up with a weird news story because, well, it's tradition at this point. Apparently, up in Kodiak, Alaska, there was a bomb from WWII that had been displayed outside of a bar for years. The bar decided to donate it to a local museum for their display. The museum director examined the bomb and determined it was in fact not a dud and was a live bomb. A local military bomb squad was called to detonate it and did so safely. A fragment of the bomb is now being displayed in the museum. Wow. I'm glad the museum director knew more than the thousands of people who went to that bar over the years... past a live BOMB. Whew.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...


Lauren (Lolo) Shostal said...

omg. bird head bouquet.
i dont know.
icredible, but revolting. all at once.

Campbell Jane said...

I love your circus series! I've been in a circus mood myself & painting clowns .

The Stapelia Company said...

Lauren: Agreed. I would NEVER do it, but I like her unique perspective in general.

Campbell Jane: Thank you! And, I love all things circus/carnival/fair/sideshow related. :)

TriciaDark said...
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