Monday, May 17, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

Happy Monday to you all. I have just returned from two sunny days of junking down at Brimfield. We had some beautiful weather and I found some great things. Some of them are pictured below. (Yes, that's a taxidermied piranha ashtray down there folks and unlike newer ones that usually have fake doll eyes, it looks like this one's eyes were left intact... scary that I know these things really.) The best piece though, I will show off next week. I have to figure out how to hang it first and then I'll take a photo for you Pretties. You can see more photos from Brimfield here.

I think I've mentioned House Industries on here before. Specializing in font design, House also has some wonderful products, an interesting blog and an impeccable design aesthetic. Everything they do is beautiful. Including their printed font catalog (I keep all of mine, that's how pretty they are), like this one I just got in the mail the other day. Neat huh?

I have found a wonderful shop on Etsy I wanted to share. Miniature Rhino, heard of it? Well, you need to stop by because they carry a beautiful assortment of vintage and vintage-inspired items that are classy and beautiful. I mean, that little cabinet of curiosities down there? I wish I could fill a glass vial with simple, random things and make it look that good...

Check out this work by artist Alex Varanese. I don't usually go for the 70's aesthetic, but the preponderance of orange and green mixed with the impeccable layout of these pieces make them fascinating to take in. I look at his work and I honestly don't know how he does some of it and that highway one below reminds me of those slides they have at the fair that you use a mat to go down. Very nice.

Another great artist I found this week is Alexander Korzer-Robinson. His work is really unique and wonderful, but the way he does it is even more interesting. Apparently, he takes an old book and cuts away the pages he doesn't want showing through and creates collages with what is left. But the pages aren't removed from the book, they're left intact and it creates the interesting pieces here. How did he figure that out? I just don't know. Very neat.

Some fresh new work will be posted next time Lovelies, so stay tuned!

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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This is a really neat post though the first picture is kind of creepy hahaha.Good blog

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