Monday, November 7, 2011

Lasers & Dandies...

Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are all well out there! I have a lot brewing over here, but not much to show from my quarter yet, I'm afraid. I was out all weekend shooting everything from shots for a laser tag business, to little girls with Christmas trees and toys, to artistic shots involving squid and gas masks. Busy, busy. So, needless to say, there is much to come for your eyes. You'll just have to be patient with me. (Okay, here's one shot to whet your appetite, but only because you begged...)

I have found an amazing firm recently out of Portland, Oregon called OMFG Co., that literally lives up to their moniker. (I call them a "firm" because they do so many different things, I couldn't figure out what else to call them; branding, package and logo design, apparel, installations, store window displays, hey, they built their own bar, People.) And it's all impeccably done. Peruse the site and be amazed. Here's a taste:

In the course of my photography work, I have styled men a lot. From vintage clothes to modern looks, I've done it all and I love it. (I may even add men's styling to my primary list of services.) So, when I came across the Mr. Porter site, I was blown away. The photography is impeccable, the clothing is beautiful, and here's the best part male readers: they have a style director, a dressing guidebook and a magazine, all tailored (no pun intended) to making you look your best! I'm taking a ton of great ideas from this site back to my studio for my male models and clients for sure.

And I don't want to leave out the ladies, because I've also found The Femme Dandy site that hi-lights masculine looks for women. This blog runs the gamut from vintage imagery to modern looks and even way out there cross-dressing, but the photos are beautiful and the looks are really unique. Take a look at these lovely ladies dressed in mens' looks:

Let me wrap up this somewhat fashion-centric post with this hilarious vintage photo I found recently.

I'm not sure if Miss Tapeworm was an actual title, but I don't want to know how she earned it, Folks...)

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...


Chrisy said...

Sounds like you're havin fun even tho very busy.
The femme dandies look super beautiful...classic...elegant...timeless...tapeworms...make the tummy squirm...literally...

The Stapelia Company said...

I AM having fun, Chrisy. Always. I love doing this stuff.
Tape worms... ewww. ;D