Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mittens & Mojitos in Maine...

Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are well out there! Things here are really snowy and cold. We have had three major snow storms in the past week up here in Maine and while I adore snowy weather, I'm honestly not sure where they're going to put this snow if we get any more! But, I have been staying warm and busy and I have so many fun things to share.

To start, I have listed a ton of great new things in STAG this past week. It had been awhile and I had amassed some great items that are now yours for the taking! Including this amazing vintage game of Cooties still in its original box, a set of 1950's Boy Scout Membership cards all filled out for the same Scout and a pair of handmade wool mittens from the 1970's that appear unused! Plus, much more. Stop on by if you haven't been in awhile, things are always changing.

And, I recently entered a contest to "show your work space" via Instagram hosted by a men's clothing company for a chance to be published in a magazine and also win a gift certificate. I entered the shot below, of me styling some Stag product in my studio. I don't have any shots of myself working in my actual studio, and it so happens my Sweetie is also a photographer, so I had her help. I love how this came out: it's nice to have this shot even if I don't win.

I recently did some head shots for an author client of mine. She just finished writing several novels and needed dust jacket head shots. We decided that quirky was best, so I brought along some antique books and a plastic dinosaur and we had some fun! It's like finishing school meets the Pleistocene up in here! Such fun. She was very happy with how these turned out and so, I am as well. Take a look:

I have found some amazing work recently from two different artists that I want to share with you. To start, there's the work of Chris Turnham, who I found via Pinterest. His Tumblr site is full of wonderful, 1960's style illustrations of architecture, people, travel, etc. I love his color palette as well as his sense of mood. It's very hard to create a feeling of daylight or dusk or moodiness with solid swatches of color, but he does this effortlessly in each piece he creates. Take a gander at his site, above. Here is just a taste:

And the other artist I discovered via the Modcloth blog of all places. Mister Finch, as he's called, is a self-taught textile artist who sews absolutely amazing nature-based creations out of cloth, pipe cleaners, beads, you name it. His pieces are heartbreakingly realistic with a real sense of literary beauty. I look at that miniature suitcase full of a spiderweb and I think of Charlotte's Web and his birds are just too much. What beautiful work he does, don't you agree?

There is no better way to wrap up a snowy Maine weekend than driving a few towns away, finding a cozy bar with a fireplace and having a cocktail, don't you think? And that's just how I wrapped up the long, Valentine weekend with my Sweetie. It was so nice... I kind of like this season called winter in this place called New England.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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