Monday, December 14, 2009

Bumper Bunny Balloon Head...

Hello Lovelies!

Well, I hope you're all getting prepared for the holiday season and excited to celebrate it!

I have been rather busy in the Mill, finishing up my paintings for the RISE show that opens this Friday. (The info is below, if you're in the area, stop on by.) The proceeds will benefit Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Southern Maine (a great cause), plus there will be music and food and good times, you can't lose really.

The latest piece in my Icarus series entitled Bumper Bunny Balloon Head is below and it will be one of the 5 pieces I will be displaying at RISE. These pieces are really fun and they all come in vintage frames for a unique look.

I have discovered a non-living artist who was way ahead of his time who I think you may enjoy. Felicien Rops was a Belgian artist who died in 1898, but his work was way ahead of its time. As you can see from the paintings below, his work was surreal and sexy and somewhat mysterious and I love it. He also did some wonderful etchings and caricatures. There is a museum of his work in Belgium which I would love to check out at some point. If you're close, you should.

Moving in a completely different direction, Scott Radke is another artist whose work grabbed my attention this week. Radke is a marionette maker, and a large body of his work can be found here. (I didn't post pictures to comply with his copyright requests.) I had a ton of fun perusing his gallery as I'm sure you will too. I couldn't pick a favorite, all their little dark faces and humorous poses are pretty wonderful. I wish I could have them all as pets. Lovely.

And let's wrap up with a little bit of humor, shall we? There are no less than 2 whole radio stations up here in Maine dedicated to Christmas music 24/7 from mid-October until New Year's. Now, this may be a nightmare for some, but I like holiday music for the most part so it's fine by me. Except certain cringe-worthy songs and when they come on, I have to change the channel. You all have a good sense of humor, so I thought I'd post this year's Top 5 Worst Holiday Songs for your enjoyment. Go check them out... they're real bad. What is your least favorite and why? (Make it funny folks...)

1. Vanessa William's - Angels We Have Heard on High (This is a great song, but add early-90's synth, a saxophone intro and a crazy-town beat and you've got yourself a trainwreck.)
2. 3 of Hearts - Christmas Shoes (This song - any version - takes holiday corny to a whole new level and by verse 12, you'll be crying... for the song to stop.)
3. Lou Monte - Dominick the Donkey (Really? I don't think I need to comment on this one.)
4. Barbra Streisand - It Must Have Been the Mistletoe (The tempo and lyrics of this song - almost a cracked out waltz - are the parts that get me. Oh, and they play it all the time.)
5. The Muppets - 12 Days of Christmas (Holy. Smokes. This song is interminable and annoying anyway, but imagine Gonzo porking out 5 golden rings 8 times.)

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...


cabin + cub said...

My least favorite is jingle cats.. the one that sounds likes jingle bells but all with cat meows... oh, i am cringing just thinking of it now.

The Stapelia Company said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I've never had the pleasure, but I think chipmunk/dog/cat related music is a category all its own... :(

Chrisy said...

I'd never heard of Rops but oh yes his work is off to read more about him...ta girl...Your painting look great in those old frames...Re the music gosh there was piped music in KMart this morning...a not so good soprano singing was cringeworthy...