Monday, June 7, 2010

Dark Lakes and Hot Winds...

Hello Lovelies!

A lot to share with you as always from the hot and steamy mill. First, here are some pics from the lake that I promised. I forgot my camera (Yikes!), so I borrowed a friend's and I just got these photos back yesterday.

That photo of the rusted car was the most interesting part of the weekend; we all went to an old dump full of glass bottles and metal parts and things. I found a full Pyrex juicer that was unbroken, and that metal can that I plan to paint something on eventually. I also found neat old brown bottles so I cleaned them up and I'm using them as candlesticks. It's amazing what people throw away Lovelies!

I have listed a ton of new photography in the shop for summer. Muscle cars, carnival rides and neon, perfect gifts for Dad or for yourself! Take a look at a couple below.

To wrap up business, I have completed the Cigar, Creeper & Dark Circus and Sideshow series finally and in the next week, I will put up a listing for the whole set as promised. One price, you own all 10!

I don't know about you Kiddies, but I love unique houses (I mean, I live in a mill), so when I found this Flickr set called Rich People Rooftops NYC, I fell in love. Sure, some would argue it's invasive to shoot a rooftop, but I disagree. Plus, these places are so beautiful, they need to be shared. It goes well with the Rooftop Houses article from Apartment Therapy. Love all of these.

Have you ever seen the work of Rimel Neffati? She does different things, but her self portraits are amazing. The makeup, the different photographic treatments, the selective focus, her face? I just truly love it all. Here are just a few examples.

I'm going to wrap it up with a TV show recommendation. I know, I've never done that before, but I felt this would be a fitting recommendation for you readers. If you haven't seen True Blood yet, you need to check it out. I was resistant at first because I thought it would be corny and the same old vampire thing. But the characters, the plots, the dialogue, are all fascinating. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Plus, this is the least annoying roll Anna Paquin has ever played.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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