Monday, July 12, 2010

Here they come... are you ready?

Hello Lovelies!

Things have been busy as a beaver over here at the Mill. To start, I hinted a couple of weeks ago at a new series of photography in the works. Well, I did a full day of shooting yesterday and I am getting ready to post some new work that I think you will love. Here is another hint for you faithful followers:

Yeah, it's going to blow your mind, no pun intended.

Speaking of creepy places I want to visit (not that we were), have you all heard of Sin-Zhi? I discovered it while reading a blog the other day and thought I'd share. Sin-Zhi was a resort community in Thailand that was started in the 80's. After a series of accidental deaths and random creepiness, all workers abandoned the project, leaving it unfinished. So now, these futuristic pods by the sea stand empty and run down and the whole thing is awesome. Take a look at these pics. It's like LOST, only with death and stuff. I love those colors:

You all know I love miniature macro photography, right? Well I do. And I have found yet another artist who does this really well. Erin Tyner has a shop on Etsy and her pieces are dramatic and moody and full of little people... three of my favorite things. Take a look!

I love 50's and 60's design aesthetic, it was cleaner than 30's/40's but still had feeling (you know, before Helvetica and the 70's made things hideous). I found an illustrator, Matthew Lyons, whose work is very much influenced by the 50's/60's aesthetic and I wanted to share some of his pieces. I would love to see him do a series of Ray Bradbury covers, that Harvest Time piece would be perfect for October Country. Check it out you guys:

Let's wrap up with some crazy news, shall we? Did you kids read about the woman who was imprisoned for sending hundreds of threatening text messages... to herself? What? That's right, after her boyfriend broke up with her, she proceeded to spend the next several years threatening herself and blaming him. Well, now she's in prison where she'll probably get to experience what a real threat feels like...

Kinda like this, only worse.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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Flowers said...

OMG what fantastic photos of that resort in Thailand! Strange. I'm going to take a look at Erin's shop--fascinating photos!