Monday, August 16, 2010

Candy Winds...

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are all doing well this fine Monday! I have a lot to share with you as always. First, the Island of Misfit Toys series is finally complete,there is abefore and after shot of the raw materials and the finished product below. I like to paint on a mixture of found objects and new canvases to create a more eclectic feel to my work. These pieces will on display at the Sylvia Kania Gallery September 3rd!

I am also submitting another design to Threadless entitled A Light Lunch this week. Hopefully it will be approved for rating, the image is below, it will also have some fun glow ink on it. I will make a post this week when/if it's approved so you Lovelies can take a look and vote if you wish!

And lastly, get excited you guys, because there are more Zom-B-Vex pieces coming starting early next week, and these are even crazier than the last ones... if that's possible.

Speaking of crazy, I wanted to pass along a crazy good photographer to you Lovelies. I was turned on to the work of August Bradley via Choklit Chanteuse's great blog. I find people everyday who do this elaborate Photoshopped aesthetic, but the thing I feel makes one photographer stand out from the crowd, is the underlying intrigue, artistry and vision that is conveyed by their work. I've featured many photographers who have these three things and if you take a peek at Bradley's work, the same thing becomes apparent. Lovely, lovely work here.

If you're ever near South Africa and need a place to eat lunch, stop on by The Cargo Hold Restaurant. This place looks crazy! The restaurant was built to replicate a phantom ship that sailed the South African coast, and there are aquariums and other details that make you feel like you're really in a shipwreck while dining. I love theme restaurants! I wish South Africa wasn't so far away...

And lastly, while doing some research for the online comic a friend and I will be producing very soon (it's going to begreat Kiddies!), I stumbled across a great online comic: Agnes Quill. Heard of it? Well, take a look at some of those stories and I think you, like I, will be pulled right into the plot. The artwork and inking are amazing and they even have some printed books out. Take a look!

I mean, is that a ghost vacuum? Wonderful.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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cabin + cub said...

Love your new series.. great before and after shots! And hope you get picked on Threadless!.. that would make a cool shirt indeed! ;)