Monday, October 18, 2010

Dark Packages...

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are all doing well on this fine Monday. Things are getting busier and busier around here as Halloween approaches.

First, I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite rock singers this pastweek! TheGruesome Twosome tour, starring Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper came to Portland and you can bet I was right up front. Now, I don't normally do really hard rock, but the show those two put on was wonderful. The props? The songs? The flamethrowers? Needless to say. If they're coming near you, go. Just do it.

Over the weekend, I got up to a little baking to get into the Halloween mood and these little ghost cupcakes were a result... so yummy. And I sprinkled them with the "spider sprinkle" mix from Wal-Mart. Who knew?

Every year I photograph and design my own Halloween card for family and friends and this year was no exception. I'm sending them out this week, and next week I'll show off the image to you Kiddies. It will be sold as a print in my shop for you Darklings out there as well... just you wait!

So as not to get too dark in this post, I'll balance it out with the work of an adorable artist I recently found via about 40 different sites. Helen Dardik is an illustrator and blogger and mother and about 100 other things and despite the fact that her work is very bright and whimsical, I find I love it. Especially her patterns... I want them as curtains and wallpaper and all over my house. Take a peek!

And to bring things back to center, the work of Lost Fish mixes bright candy-colored pastels with dark and morbid themes and almost Asian-influenced female subjects. This results in a disturbing body of work that you really can't look away from... not that you'd want to anyway. Take a look, very interesting work here:

And let's wrap up with a play recommendation of all things! I saw a production of Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps over the weekend, which, unlike the 1935 movie, is a comedy, not a suspense thriller. Full of sight gags and funny one-liners, it's a must-see if it comes to your area. Trust me on this Kiddies... check it out.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...


Emme Toaye said...

Love your spider sprinkle treats! Lostfish is as you said interesting in it's ghoul to gorgeous looks, thanks for sharing and happy Halloween to you!

The Stapelia Company said...

Happy Halloween to you as well! :)

cabin + cub said...

Love those patterns... so cute! There is a production of 39 stpes here this month too... I was thinking of checking it out! ;)

The Stapelia Company said...

I highly recommend the play. Absolutely. Go check it out. :)