Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And to all Happy Thanksgiving...

Hello Lovelies-

Here's a mid-week post to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it. I am thankful for all of you readers and fellow-lovers of the dark, beautiful and sometimes downright bizarre things I share with you each week. And speaking of bizarre, the She Walks Softly blog has a great collection of vintage parade float imagery here. Great stuff(ing). So, safe travels and remember:

You can use your turkey for food or as a car... not both.

If you see this during dinner, it's time to stop drinking.

Turkeys love cigar-smoking so don't let them near your humidor or you'll regret it.

This isn't really a tip, it's just weird. A croc float? Really?

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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