Monday, January 31, 2011

Pretty Poison

Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are all doing well. A lot of sneak things are happening behind the scenes here at the Mill that I will be able to share shortly.

Sneaky like this, only less laptop/blue ski mask and more awesome.

Something I can share, is in anticipation of Valentine's Day, I am doing a set of three very small original cupid paintings that I will be listing in the shop this week. They're somewhat inspired by vintage cupids like the one below and they will of course be overflowing with glitter and cuteness. Only one little set will be available, so stay tuned. I will post pics next week.

As you regular followers know, I have started amassing some rubber stamps that I use for packaging and for signing my prints and the like. Well, they were sitting all over my office and I didn't want them to get damaged. So, I found an old stamp carousel on Ebay to store them. They look great now and they keep my stamps clean and ready for action at a moment's notice!

I have found a photographer who has blown my socks off this past week. Alex Prager won the Foam Magazine Call for Talent contest last year and I'm not surprised. Her work is 1960's pulp-inspired, dramatic, and spot-on. Her narratives make you want to see more like a good Alfred Hitchcock movie and her colors and photo treatments make the whole thing look 50+ years old. I flipped through her entire site twice. Love it.

And while we're on a 60's kick, Tracey Snelling is another artist whose work is inspired by desert motels, women on the run and danger. Tracey's work is part model-making, part installation art and part narrative. Really, you need to see her work and read her artist statement to get her mission and even then, you may not completely get it. I hate to say that I really just like the look of her work and nothing more. Take a peek.

All this talk of femme fatales and the 1960's makes me want to watch Pretty Poison. Have you guys seen it? I haven't seen it yet, but I'll let you know how it goes. I'm really just seeing it because I love Anthony Perkins, the posters are great, and the lead chick is a drum majorette, which I find hilarious for some reason...

Also, they're both bonkers apparently... so there's that.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...


Southern Belle said...

Can't wait to see the V-Day paintings =]

cabin + cub said...

That cupie doll is so darn cute... they are so bizarre looking, but I'm always so drawn to cupie dolls! ;)

The Stapelia Company said...

Oh, they're bizarre looking alright. But, mine will be cuter. Standby you guys!