Monday, October 3, 2011

Venomous Vixens

Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are all doing well out there. Things are busy, busy as usual over here. To start, I recently did a fun little conceptual shoot entitled Dr. Victoria Frankenstein that explored the idea that Dr. Frankenstein had a daughter as mad as he was who continued his work... and married a skeleton. Ha! Some below and the rest of the series is on Flickr.

Well, my huge series has been released today: Venomous Vixens. People really seem to like it so far, which is great. Inspired by B-movies, 1960's pulp and Barbarella, the series explores a space mission gone terribly awry with disastrous (but beautiful) results. A couple shots are below, the rest (and some candids) can be found on Flickr or Facebook. Someone has already won the Facebook contest for a free prize, but prints and calendars can be found here. Tell me what you think!

And last piece of business, I was asked to donate one of my Hortensia the Bearded Lady prints to The Whiskerinas 1st Annual Ladies Fake Beard & Moustache Competition! This group of women competes (with fake beards) alongside the National Beard Championship men to raise money for charity. This particular print will be raffled to benefit breast cancer research. What a great cause. More about their event here. Thanks for asking, Ladies!

Ooo! Did you hear they're releasing a new version of The Thing?! As you may know, I love horror and that movie (the original from 1982) scared the bejeesus out of me. The arctic, complete isolation, aliens. And the alien is no joke you guys... Like:



Hell NO.

Okay, maybe.

The point is, I will probably see the remake... but I'll also probably have to wear Depends. Have you ever seen this movie? And if so, did you like it?

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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