Monday, January 16, 2012

Beautiful Ladies & Ghostly Gals

Hello Lovelies~

So much to share as usual! First off, as promised, here are some of the vintage hat shots from my recent studio event for the ladies! Everyone had so much fun. You may view more here.

And speaking of photos, I am always on the look-out for things I can use in my photography and at any given time I have approximately 10-15 projects going. Well, a trip to a local army surplus store yielded a surprising amount of stuff I can use in upcoming projects, including a Cold War, sexy Russian spy themed shoot I've wanted to do for awhile. This coat was great. It had all the original buttons on the front and a great Russian look to it. Now that we have some snow on the ground up here in Maine to lend a Siberian look to things, I will be kicking that project into high gear. Standby!

Oh! And remember a few posts back when I posted about buying Liza Corbett's Sweetheart Come piece? Well, it came recently and it looks amazing in person. The detail and level of craftsmanship are truly amazing and I couldn't wait to hang it right up above our bed! So, here are some shots of it hung up and looking snazzy.

And speaking of crazy (not that we were), yesterday, my Sweetie and I were out driving around doing errands, and we looked over at a car parked next to us and we saw this action. Yes, that's a tropical bird on the steering wheel in a car in Maine during the winter without the car running. I guess Polly just wanted to drive, eh? Poor thing... but it was hilarious to see.

And speaking of hilarious, have you heard of Randy Regier? He is an artist who takes vintage and new toys and creates tongue-in-cheek toys with packaging and everything. Check out his work, it's very funny. My two favorites were the Godforsaken Astronaut and the Bonnie & Clyde car. Great fun.

Let's wrap up with a movie suggestion, what do you say? Do you like Wes Anderson movies? (The Life Aquatic, Rushmore, Fantastic Mr. Fox.) I do. And apparently, he's releasing a new one this spring called
Moonrise Kingdom that looks just as quirky, colorful, random and funny as the rest of his work. I can't wait to check it out. What's your favorite Wes Anderson movie?

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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