Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sledding & Scones...

Hello Lovelies~

I hope this Tuesday finds you all doing well out there! Things here are very good, as usual and as usual, I have a whole bunch of things to share!

To start, I have some great new items dropping over at STAG this week that I'm really excited about! A couple of those items are pictured below, including an almost complete set of Childcraft books from the 1960's just full of fun facts, crafts and amazing illustrations. And a set of Irish Coffee instructional glassware. "Instructional glassware?! What the heck is that?!" I'll tell you: It's glassware that has a drink recipe right on it! Very clever and very neat. Oh yes, things are humming along nicely at Stag and there is much more to come in the next couple of weeks. So, stay tuned!

I recently kicked off the New Year by shooting a court house wedding for a new set of clients! We had a blizzard in Maine that day, and these folks were visiting from South Carolina, so you can imagine their shock at the amount of snow we can get up here. In fact, one of these ladies had to run up to L.L. Bean for a pair of boots last minute! But, the shoot (and the wedding) went off without a hitch and they were very happy with how these shots came out. So, of course, I am also very happy with how these shots came out! Ha. Take a look, and remember: your special occasions are special to me too!

A friend of mine recently celebrated her 40th birthday. That's a milestone, so a couple of us went out to help her celebrate. We went to Hibachi, which seems to be pretty big up here in Maine. If you're not familiar with it, they cook the food at your table with a ton of corny jokes and knife tricks… oh, and fire. A lot of fire. Ha! It was a lot of fun and we had a ton of laughs. I was so glad I could help her celebrate such a big occasion.

How else am I keeping warm up here in Maine? Well, a recent thrifting expedition led me to the amazing coat below. I have been looking for a coat of this type for a very long time: something tailored and in a conservative color so it goes with everything. Imagine my delight when I found both of these things in this handsome, wool women's coat! A good dry cleaning and some mending later, and it's good as new and I think I'm in love… with a coat.

Another way to keep warm on those Maine winter days is to do an outdoor activity like sledding! And, I was lucky enough to have my niece a couple of weekends back when some friends wanted to go. Now, I'm from Missouri, so sledding was a rarity for me growing up. Matter of fact, the one time my sister and I went, we ended crash landing into a fence. Ha! But when you have real snow, that doesn't happen and it's very fun. So, we all trekked out to the hill and enjoyed ourselves immensely and then my good friends made grilled cheese sandwiches, soup and hot chocolate. Perfect winter afternoon, I think. Oh, and scones. Baking is such a nice way to warm the house and make it smell yummy, don't you agree? So, I've been doing a fair amount of that as well.

And speaking of yummy, I found an amazing big band that I wanted to share with you all: Alex Mendham & His Orchestra. Heard of them? No? Well, I was initially drawn to this group because their home page photo is amazing. And then, I actually listened to their music and I was completely charmed. I love old things of any sort, so big band music really appeals to me. Check out their website and just look at this beautiful photo… So dreamy.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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