Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hello Lovelies!
Well, yesterday was V-day and it seems opinions run the gamut on this particular holiday from "I loooove it!" to "Kill me." I personally had a wonderful V-day, while listening to one of my favorites; Patsy Cline (who also runs the gamut from melancholy to downright exuberant), I baked a marble cake with cream cheese frosting and I even whipped out the icing kit folks. I also made a card for my sweetie:

Today, I will be working out the final details to get some prints up in the shop. I hope to have those prints listed by tomorrow... we shall see. Come by and take a look.

I also found a really neat website called Illustration Friday that gives folks who love to draw a weekly topic to address via illustration and then you submit your drawing and they have a Pick of the Week. There are some really nice pieces up and it gives lovers of illustration some eye candy too. Check it out.

Lastly, some of you know I collect old cameras, I LOVE them. There's something about the buttons and the little levers that get me everytime. I recently got a Polaroid that I'd never seen before... and the name was the reason I got it. It's called The Swinger and the brochure reads: "Come meet, the Swinger." Now, I don't know if Swinger had different connotations back then, but that's a weird name for a camera, am I wrong? Anyway, until next time: unpleasant dreams.


Blog Artists said...

What a SWEET cake... I'm sure it tasted great!

Lauren said...

I want cake.

Rose said...

That cake is fabulous! Mmmmm....