Monday, February 7, 2011

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians...

Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are all doing well this week. The days here are getting a bit longer and when I leave work now, the sun is sort of up for awhile (when you live in Maine in the winter, it's the little things), so the end of winter is in sight!

Only a dozen or so more blizzards to slog through and it'll be spring... blurgh.

I have been gradually re-designing my packaging to keep things fresh and I just got my new packaging stickers in the mail. They now feature my Little Green Indian bank.... oh, and glitter of course. Perfect for spring!

As I mentioned a few posts back, I now have a photography studio. I have decided to start playing with all of the lighting that I now have access to on the weekends, both to build my body of work and to gain more experience with the different tools I now have at my disposal. In light of this effort (no pun intended... okay, it was intended), I have been looking at different photographer's sites out there who shoot in small studios. Tod Kapke's work caught my eye. If you peruse the Process section, it appears he shoots everything in a garage? Yet look at the wonderful things he creates. I leave his site inspired and encouraged about my own studio...

I have discovered a wonderful book that I wanted to share with you parents out there, but really with everyone, because it's intended for kids, but I'm also loving it. The Monsterologist: A Memoir in Rhyme is on my must-buy list. The book itself is beautiful, but the cover really caught my eye. It was designed by Adam McCauley and every time I look at it I see something new. Great stuff.

So, I finally watched The Runaways (the Joan Jett story movie) last night and I was actually impressed. I'm not a huge Kristen Stewart fan, but she was subtle and seemed to embody the role of a rocker (though that's sort of her personality anyway I think). Dakota Fanning was really good too. I recommend it if you haven't seen it yet!

Plus, you get to see Kristen rock a great 80's mullet.

Until next time... unpleasant dreams...

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