Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are all doing well. So much to share this week as usual. To start, I have completed my Mustache Ride Series and it ended on a strong note for sure. As you can tell from the shots below, there were many laughs. My sides actually hurt when it was all said and done. So much fun.

Remember Lovelies, I'm always taking new clients... :)

Some exciting news! I mentioned my new collaborative blog project entitled Phantomas in my last post. A good writer friend and I are doing weekly posts that combine photography and short fiction stories. The first post is up to give you a taste, follow along if you want to take the journey with us... it should be interesting.

Oh! My photography was just featured on the Sasquatch Magazine site out of Australia. It's a great magazine and I was flattered to be featured. Stop by and support the site, or better yet, subscribe and keep the cool art coming!

And speaking of cool art, have you seen Liz Wolfe's work yet? Holy smokes. I found her via StumbleUpon and uhm... I was blown away. She combines candy and bright colors and just a little bit of darkness to create a look I've never seen before... I know I'll never look at chicken feet the same way again. Or candy canes for that matter.

Strange news time. Did you Kiddies read about the frozen pig knuckle that flew off the back of a truck on the German autobahn and damaged a man's car? At those speeds, I imagine a fly would damage someone's car. Thankfully he was fine, but talk about when pigs fly...

It was kinda like this, only more knuckle.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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