Monday, March 28, 2011

Big Hairy Apes...

Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are all doing well out there. A lot to share as usual. To start, I added some close-up shots to the Okoterru pieces I listed in the shop so you really see what you're getting. They're cute, they come framed and matted, and about half of them have sold, so don't delay too much longer or they'll be gone!

What else? Oh, I am venturing back into the studio this weekend to work on a new mini photo project that I think you'll find hilarious. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I'll give you a hint, it has to do with this:

And speaking of corny, vintage-inspired mayhem, have you seen the work of Jon Kelly Green yet? His work is sort of a throwback to 1960's cereal boxes and he does this fun thing on his blog where he creates characters almost daily and pits them against each other. I really don't know where he comes up with so many different ones. It's a little daily treat for me. Take a peek:

Tom Whalen is another illustrator with a bright, ingenious style that I really can't get enough of lately... He's a master of vector art, and his layout and design as well as his typographical choices are really top-knotch. I want his The Fly poster so bad I can taste it... eww. Take a look!

And I'd like to wrap up this week's post with a picture a friend posted on my Facebook wall the other day. I have no idea who took it (disclaimer), but I loved it and wanted to share!

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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