Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Old Forts & Jump Shots...

Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are all well out there. I have so much to share as usual! I'm coming off of a long holiday weekend and we're having unseasonably warm weather up here in Maine, so my Sweetie and I took advantage of great weather yesterday and went to Fort Popham and Popham Beach. Located in a remote part of Maine, the forts are beautiful and desolate. I brought the camera along and took some fun shots, take a look. More here.

Having some fun with action shots here.

I love this one, it's so bright it looks like snow, but that's sand.

My Sweetie looking fierce in the Forts. Haha.

And I have recently tackled a project I've been meaning to do for awhile: hand embellished vintage suitcases! The first two came out just great. They each have names so, meet Blood Diamonds and Sweet Honey! These suitcases are in great shape (no weird smells or stains). These would be perfect long weekend/spy mission/overnight stay bags. More to follow as I find more suitcases... If you're interested in one (they are $50 each), shoot me an email.

And speaking of fun, funky vintage things, have you seen the photography of Holly Andres? She's a photographer from the other Portland (Oregon) and she seems to have the 60's and 70's nailed right down. Many of her series tackle issues of coming of age and growing up and losing innocence. (I personally just love her nod to Alfred Hitchcock and Nancy Drew.) Take a look!

Oh! And speaking of photos. I found this amazing arctic survival mask at the local army surplus store recently and I have no idea what I should do with it, I need help. So, suggest ideas on my Facebook wall below the mask picture and if your idea is picked, I will send you a free art print of the finished photo!

Alright, I want to wrap up with this amazing series of photos I found from one of my favorite movies: Breakfast at Tiffany's. Audrey Hepburn is the quintessential lady and I love everything about the orange coat and vintage Halloween mask. I mean... is there a more perfect movie scene? Nope. The answer is, no. Sigh...

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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