Monday, March 5, 2012

Sea Captains & Fishing Boats

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are all doing well out there. Things here have gone from busy, to super busy and it's great. Where to start? Oh, this is sort of funny. A good friend of mine who helps me a lot with shoots and costumes etc... asked me to make her a special T-shirt that she can wear on shoots and just in general. So, I did. Take a look, her words, not mine. (Several other people who help me like it so much they asked for one too...) Truer words have never been spoken, people really do sorta just do what I say during shoots. (I think that's why we all work together so well.) Hahaha! Too funny.

I have a really exciting shoot coming up this weekend that I can't really reveal anything about yet, so instead, I'll reveal some behind the scenes prep shots for a mini personal project I'm doing. It's going to be an amazing, artsy and humorous sea captain shoot. I can't wait to do this one.

This is the special octopus eye patch the model will be wearing.

I was inspired to do a patch like this by this shot of Salvador Dali, but of course, I will add my own twist for the shoot...

And, the background will consist of this great mod 1960's wallpaper that I found that has a somewhat impressionistic sea/boat them to it.

There is nothing more tedious than installing old, unpasted, paper wallpaper. Ugh. But it will look fine when I shoot it.

I can't wait to bring all of these elements together, standby for that!

I have found an amazing artist I wanted to share with you, Lovelies: Darion McCoy. Heard of him? Well, I find the juxtaposition of his pastel, Easter-esque color palette against the subject matter and the way he conveys it, deliciously unsettling. I don't know, something about those faces is creepy, don't you think?

And while we're on the topic of beautiful, creepy and unsettling, let me introduce another artist: Cristian Grossi. A fashion designer by trade, Cristian also has amazing artistic fashion designs that (I don't think) have never actually been made into clothing. Like his Insekta 2.5 collection. The lines and the delicate (yet sinister) faces mixed with bugs? And on his site, I believe some of them are gifs, because they move and glow and it's amazing. Check it out.

Let me wrap up with a blog recommendation: The Bold Italic. Beautifully laid out, interesting to read and full of funny anecdotes, this site focuses on things to see, do, eat and enjoy around the San Francisco Bay area. I don't even live there and I'm ready things that I find universally interesting and fun. I think every city should have such a good site to convey it's mysteries. Take a read and add it to your feed if you like it.

 Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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