Monday, May 14, 2012

It's a Wrap!

Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are all well out there. A lot to share as usual. To start, I have finished and posted my entire Clue series (including some fun candids) on Flickr and of course, Facebook. All of the shots are now available as fine art prints in my shop as well. More importantly, I am in the process of designing a small fine art book of the entire series that I plan to make available via Blurb when it's complete if you're interested in the entire set plus some history and candids. I will announce that when it's up and ready. I have gotten very positive feedback on this series so far. Thank you again to everyone who helped.

As I mentioned last post, I made my annual trek to the Brimfield Antique Show this past weekend. It was a blast as always. The weather was perfect and I found some great items both for the house and for future shoots. I am also planning a new little venture in the coming months, and you may see some of these items there soon! The rest of the haul can be seen here.

This was actually a late birthday gift from my parents. They know I love Shriner stuff. All hand-lettered and amazing...

This beautiful, strange and sultry painting was $12! I love her.

Some beautiful vintage formal vests and a tie. These will be used in shoots. They're coming back into vogue and you can't find them anywhere anymore.

Swim trunks, also for a shoot.

Speaking of vintage goodness, have you heard of Nadine Boughton? She calls herself a photographer, but her most recent work is actually collage. She combines pulp adventure covers with Better Homes and Gardens and various other idyllic living magazines to create funny and fresh imagery. Each one makes me laugh a little on the inside. Check them out!

I'd like to wrap up by showing off two photos I found at Brimfield. This first one reminded me so much of Alfred Hitchcock standing among cherry blossoms I had to look twice. Yes, it's somewhat out of focus, but I still adore it.

The second photo has a funny story behind it. My Sweetie and I were looking through a booth, and she picked up a mirror with a nude girl on the back of it. The man running the booth said: "Oh, you girls like interesting stuff, huh? Check this pile out." He handed us a stack of great vintage pin-ups and risque items (all harmless and quite funny by today's standards). My eyes lit up when I saw this snapshot taken of a canvas sign on a tent for a carnival burlesque show! I scored it for $1 and a little piece of history is mine.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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