Monday, July 30, 2012

Stag in the woods & Moonrise Kingdom...

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are well out there. Since I have been doing shoots pretty steadily lately, STAG needed a bit of attention so I focused back on that this week. To start, there are some great new items in the shop, so take a peek. I will also keep the Goods album on Facebook updated so you see only what's still available, not things that have sold, so feel free to follow along if you're on there. I have also ordered business cards and rubber stamps for STAG to give it a bit of polish (I designed and photographed them). Take a look. More promo materials to come, all featuring my STAG poster man John, who graciously agreed to be my business mascot. Doesn't he just look the part?

I also went to my local library's annual book sale over the weekend. Those of you who've followed Stapelia awhile know how much I love both books and this sale. It's one of the hi-lights of my summer truth be told. Well, it was busy (which is a very good thing. Pffft Kindle), but I still managed to score some great books. The top shot are books going into STAG (Art! Boy Scouting! Star gazing! Jokes!) and the bottom shot is of books I'm adding to my personal library. (Yes, I still love The Hardy Boys and isn't that Amityville Horror cover just divine?) Good stuff. So, keep an eye out if any of those books interest you. I'll be listing them very soon.

I have found the most amazing blog full of corny old Lucha Libre photography. It's great. From Parts Unknown is just an amazing site for people who love old wrestling photos, info and merchandise and for people like me, who love the photography itself as well as anything kitschy or corny. This is right down my alley. Here are just a few of the photos I'm loving right now:

As you know, I've shot some Lucha Libre stuff myself, but this makes me want to do more!!! Too bad those masks are so hard to find...

And speaking of kitsch, I have been reading Big Daddy Roth's (of rat rod, custom hot rod and Rat Fink fame from the 1960's) bio recently and what an amazing artist and mechanic he was! He literally revolutionized the hot rod field and created much of the 'beach' aesthetic that became such a part of the 60's California scene. He actually inspired a new piece I'm working on that I will reveal in a bit (I'm drawing for the first time in over a year... eeeps!). But I was looking on Ebay at some of his art decals (which are amazing) and I ran across this Rat Fink tail light for a motorcycle that is exceedingly rare and exceedingly kitsch so of course, I loved it. Can you imagine a huge rat head on the back of your bike? Wow.

And let's wrap with a movie discussion, shall we? Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom yet? I recently saw it and what a wonderful movie. I highly recommend it for several reasons; 1.) The costumes/sets/scenery are period-perfect 60's 2.) There are a ton of great forts/tents/cozy places 3.) The actors are quirky, strange and eccentric 4.) It's funny. I really loved the colors too. Just take a peek and tell me what you think. (Also, that boy scout image down there could be a Norman Rockwell painting, couldn't it? And that's just a still from the movie...)

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...


erin said...

i work at a vintage toy store in cleveland we sell luchador masks! we have some neat ones, like a skull and a panda (ha!) drop me a message if you need any!

i'm interested to read the ed roth bio...just the other week my husband and i went to an estate sale that ended up being in the living quarters above a funeral home (!!!) and they had a bunch of vintage halloween stuff for cheap including a 60s rat fink halloween costume! no one knew what it was and they kept referring to it as "that mouse costume" so luckily we got it for only $10 :) probably the best house sale score we've ever had!

Jessica Beebe said...

A vintage toy store!!! I want to work there... you have masks? Oh yes, I will be messaging you.

The bio is great so far, a ton of inside info about his cars and great pics. I love vintage Halloween stuff, if you ever find anything cool, message me. $10. Funeral Home. WOW. O.o That would have been my perfect day... :)