Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pink Runners and Also Some Kites...

Hello Lovelies!

I hope this week finds you all well out there. Things here are very good and as usual, I have quite a bit to share with you all.

To start, the process video from the Mermaids of Maine shoot has been posted! Take a look below. Wowza. I think my favorite part is the absolutely ridiculous amount of lipstick being applied all over the mouth without regard for the actual lips whatsoever (as per my instructions, which were: "Just go in circles, I want it to look trashy"). So there's that. A big thank you to Jessica Lauren for her videography as usual!

Mermaids of Maine Shoot from Jessica Beebe on Vimeo.

What else? Oh! I was recently asked to donate a portrait session to a silent auction for a very good cause here in Maine. Of course I obliged. The details are below, but the Celebrity Waiter Dinner and silent auction benefit The Sexual Assault Crisis Center, an organization that offers many services with the end goal being to reduce and/or stop sexual assault and violence in Maine. This is something about which I feel very strongly, so I was happy to help. If you're local, consider purchasing a ticket and attending the event, or placing a bid to help.

I have to tell you about the brand new running shoes I bought over the weekend because I am (way too) excited about them! First of all, they make running a dream because I actually found shoes that fit my pronation running style for the first time ever. (Boo on me for not doing it sooner.) And most importantly, they're pink. Eeeps! I love them! (I am such a girl sometimes... haha.) Take a look. Cute, no?

And I was out enjoying the beautiful weather over the weekend and visited our Fort Williams Park - one of my absolute favorite places in Portland. Imagine my delight to see at least 20 kites being flown! I love kites. And there was no end to the amusement watching people trying to get them into the air, dogs chasing them and wee babies running all over the fields underneath them looking up. It sort of made my weekend to be honest. And then that guy in the lower right, flew his kite right into someone's car and that's when I took my leave... haha.

And as always I will wrap up with an artist whose work I admire greatly. Billy Norrby's work sort of brings to mind V. C. Andrews book covers or Nancy Drew and that's one of the reasons I love it. One of many, in fact. The pulpy style and the spot-on execution of the subject matter, combined with a narrative and sense of mystery equal winning as far as I'm concerned. Take a look at some of his pieces. So smooth and polished. Amazing, no?

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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