Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bright Balloons & Warm Nights...

Hello Lovelies~

I hope this week finds you all doing well out there! I have so many things to share and I can't wait to get started.

First, I am working on a ton of photo projects behind the scenes that I will be releasing very soon. Some client work, some artistic work, the big secret project I've been alluding to for months. Patience Pets, patience!

Meanwhile, I was recently asked to do a painting for a very special girl's birthday. She actually has several pieces of my work and apparently likes what I do, which is great. I haven't painted in years. (I've put all my creative energy into photography, a medium I find much more gratifying executionally.) It was odd sketching something out and getting the brushes going. But soon I was creating the crazy for which I'm known. Hahaha. This one is a doozy. I will reveal shots of that painting next post (can't spoil the surprise for the birthday girl, can I?).

I had an entire day free this past weekend (an occurrence so rare, I honestly can't remember the last time it happened) and it just so happened that the Great Falls Balloon Festival was happening a short distance north of me, so I decided to go! I met a friend and we had such fun. The day was beautiful, the balloons went up without incident and most importantly, there was fried dough and I got some. Mmm. So good. So not good for you. Oh well. Anyway, here are some shots from the day. I think the most memorable moment was that one-man balloon below. When that balloon got high enough for the crowd to see that it was being flown by one man on what basically amounted to a lawn chair, there was a collective gasp and I felt my heart go into my stomach a little bit. But he seemed happy... Jeez.

I also started a great book over the weekend that I highly recommend: Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Heard of it? No? Well, it's fascinating so far and it's not even that long. I was sucked right in and I'll probably read it in a week or so. If you like fiction, do it. You won't regret it. I took it to one of our local parks that's old, and beautiful and serene with big trees and silence and it was sort of the best afternoon ever.

And let me wrap up by turning you onto an alternative modeling agency out of Berlin that I found recently via Pinterest. We Are Unlike You is absolutely amazing to me. These people are beautiful and unique and I love that they have an agency that represents their looks. I think the U.S. needs something like this, don't you? Just look at these wonderful people...

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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