Monday, March 16, 2009

Lean Bean Fightin' Machine...

Hello Lovelies!

Well, as usual, a lot of random stuff going on here in the mill tower. I have decided to branch out a bit and list a few things on 1000 Markets. I've heard good things about it so far and really, what can it hurt? I should be approved to sell on there in the next couple of days. I am going to try to separate my creations a bit and sell originals and a wide variety of items on Etsy and focus on just illustration, greeting cards and photography on 1000 Markets so you fine folks can check out both places and still see new things! In light of this, I will be working on some more seedy and dark photos where any number of nefarious things could happen and I hope to list those by the end of the week in both shops. I will keep you posted.

I was browsing my favorite blogs the other day and I have found the neatest artist; Madame Talbot. Have you Lovelies seen her work? She sells on Etsy, she has a fascinating blog (at least I think so), and she has a website. Here is one of her pieces, and if you read my blog regularly, you'll know I love Sweeney Todd and this Punch 'n Judy looking Todd is great:

And I have this poster (I love the idea of Absinthe, I don't actually like the taste). This poster is also wonderful:

I have to share a funny story with you fine readers. I am not originally from Maine, but I've come to understand that in Maine, the "Bean Suppah" is a long-standing tradition. People descend into to church basements, and Legion Halls, and all manner of florescent dens to partake in these feasts. I went to my first one this past Saturday and after filling my plate with baked beans, cole slaw, macaroni and cheese, rolls and pickles (I couldn't make this menu up folks), I sat down and got to hear the old gentleman across from me yell to his wife to "Hit up that dessert table deayah before they run outah pies ovah theyah." Needless to say it was an eye-opening experience and one I hope to repeat in the future. Next time I'll remember to "hit up the dessert table" first.

Until next time: Unpleasant Dreams.


Chrisy said...

Um...yes maybe hit u that dessert table first! Honey can you email me ur've won one of the pifs on my blog...just email me at when you have a chrisy

Bellissima said...

Being a native New Englander myself, I never cease to be amused at social gatherings!
Be shoo-ah ta visit again soon, ya hee-yah?

Mich said...

Great post! I didn't think you could get absinthe in the states...never tried it! Love the dinner story...ain't locals customs great!!

The Stapelia Company said...

You can get it...without the wormwood (the stuff that makes you Cra-zy). It tastes like black licorice and really, how much of that flavor can one consume?