Monday, July 4, 2011


Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are all doing well out there! This post is going to be chockful of monsters, so prepare yourselves.

First, (on a non-monster note), I have designed a brand new landing page on Facebook for you fans and non-fans alike! Go check it out, there are links galore and we have a really fun time over there together. Click here to peruse!

I have also listed a great new summery print in my shop entitled Green Canoe. I've already sold one, people seem to like it.

Oh! And I finally cleaned up all the bottles I found at that abandoned dump last weekend while camping. We found some neat ones, including a huge old Clorox bleach bottle. I can't believe they used such heavy glass back then and didn't even recycle... boggles the mind, really. Take a look.

Okay, let's get down to the monsters. First, I posted awhile back that I'd found a great old 1950's cake decorating kit junking. Well, I decided to use it with my niece and we made a skull carousel cake that was covered in clowns and bones and so, of course, I loved how it came out. More shots here.

If you don't follow Monster Brains yet, you need to get on that. It's a "never ending celebration of monsters" and that's no lie, Kiddies. Recently, I drooled over a post of vintage Dick Smith makeup photos. Take a look at this craziness... and I don't think he even used professional stuff, but it looks great.

Have you heard of Bill Tracy? No? Chances are, if you like amusement parks and scary rides you've seen his work. He was the king of "dark rides" between the 1940's and the 1970's, building spook houses, pirate ships, jungle rides and more with a ton of effects and scares. His site has a ton of photos and trivia. Great stuff.

Let's wrap up with a Monster Parade from the creative hooligans at Cloudy Collection, shall we? A great little limited-edition print set that's just full of monstery goodness. Take a peek or better still, buy a set!

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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