Monday, April 2, 2012

Dark Shadows...

Hello Lovelies~

I hope this week finds you doing well out there in the world! I have been busy as usual. Much of what I'm scheming up must be kept top secret for awhile, but I was featured on a blog recently and I wanted to mention it. (I don't normally post blog features, because, like treasuries, they're great, but a bit tedious for the reader.) The woman who writes the AngelLeighDesigns blog however, caught my eye because she created a narrative around this photo of mine! Go check it out, it's kind of neat.

Portland was hopping last Friday night! President Obama was in town for a fundraiser and speaking engagements and Snoop Dogg was performing 2 concerts right across the street. That's a lot of action for this quaint New England town, that's for sure. Well, I didn't see the President, but I did go to the Snoop Dogg show and it was wonderful. I am usually more of a jazz, country, laid back type of girl, but I've loved his music for years and he put on a great show. If he comes your way and you like his stuff, get tickets. Trust me. (Plus, he has a dog mascot that dances on stage the whole time that I found adorable...)

And more exciting news! Have you heard that Tim Burton redid Dark Shadows and it's coming out around May 11th?! For the original fans of the series, I think you may not like it too much because it appears to be a complete satire/tongue-in-cheek comedy. But for the rest of us (and those who love Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and/or Helena Bonham Carter) this looks like a good time and a good way to kick off spring! I personally can't wait to see it. The trailer is below for your viewing pleasure...

Those of you who've read the blog awhile know that I am a huge Camille Rose Garcia fan. I have almost all of her books and her work is just an inspiration to me. So unique and bright and yet dark too. Well, she has released her version of Snow White recently. (It looks amazing, of course. Check out some of the images below.) But here's the exciting part, she's doing a book signing tour! Dates and locations are here and it looks like she might even come to New York and Philly! (Too bad those are still to far away for me to go.) What do you think you guys, great work, huh?

I'm going to send you Lovelies off with this amazing image I found the other day. Not sure who these two are, but what a great shot, huh? Can you imagine asking a little person to get into a tuba and play a trumpet in this day and age?! I don't think so... Things were obviously much different then.

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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