Monday, April 30, 2012

Snow White Reloaded...

Hello Lovelies!

As usual, I have much to share so I'll just jump right in and get started. First, I showed you a teaser last week of a shoot I did using a glittery apple. Well, that is done and I have named it Snow White Reloaded. The client wanted a sexy, sultry modern Snow White in an urban landscape. I think we nailed it, don't you? See the rest here.

For the first shot, I painted the little cartoon birds by hand and added them in later. (I will basically do anything I can to make a shot unique, is my point.) :)

What else? Oh, I did my big Clue (Cluedo for you European folks) shoot over the weekend! What a great time. I shot at a great venue, the Portland Maine Masonic Temple courtesy of Blue Elephant. There were so many people and so many details to keep track of, and yet, I had such a great group, we got some stellar shots. I think you will enjoy them for sure. Until then, here are just some of the amazing details in the building itself. Perfect Clue venue, isn't it?

And I have a winner for my Gather the Clues challenge on Facebook! Andrew Levy gathered all of the clues I left on Twitter over the last week and posted them in order on my Facebook wall today. He will receive one professionally printed Clue print of his choice when those are complete and listed in my store! Congrats, Andrew!

What else? Oh! As you all know, I am a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan and one of my favorites by him is Rear Window. (While I of course adore The Birds and Psycho, there's something about Jimmy Stewart being stuck in that wheelchair while witnessing all sorts of nefarious deeds that makes things tense and wonderful.) So, imagine my surprise when I saw this amazing time lapse creation by Jeff Desom on The Black Harbor that uses After Effects to stitch together the entire movie into one huge piece of film! Check it out:

 And let's wrap up with a recommendation. As you know, I frequent the thrift stores for props, clothes and the occasional LP for my growing collection. Last week, I came across a small stack of Rusty Warren records. Heard of her? She was a comedienne in the 60's who did cutting edge stand-up routines about sex and men and women, sort of the precursor to a ton of stuff we see today. And it's still funny stuff. Well, I just found out that the stack of records I rescued for $5 is worth close to $200! They're rare apparently. So, if you see any by her, snap them up and put them on Ebay. I have these, plus a couple more in my collection. (Aren't those covers amazing?)

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...


Limecrete said...

I can't wait to see the completed Clue shots! I'm sure that picking just one will be an incredibly difficult choice.

Jessica Beebe said...

Most likely, yes. :)