Monday, September 10, 2012

When An Old Friend Visits...

Hello Lovelies!

I hope things are well out there for you. And as usual, I have much to share! To start, I had my CLUE opening Friday at the Masonic Temple in Portland and it was a great success! A ton of people came through, the space looked great, and the folks at Blue Elephant Catering outdid themselves, providing food and beverages and they even did the little arrangement below and set around some actual Clue board games as props! A big thank you to them, and if you're in need of catering, I strongly encourage you to hire these guys, they pay attention to every last detail.

We had to skip the September Brimfield Antique Show this year because of the weather, which bummed me out. But, my Sweetie (who doesn't much care for junking), graciously agreed to go up to a big flea market with me to find some things for STAG. And I had some luck! I will be listing some things in the coming week, including these two fun (and unusual items): A Fortune Telling deck from the 30's that is complete with directions (I've never seen this version before), and what appears to be a Howdy Doody promo with an articulated mouth. This little guy has some minor damage, but who cares? It's cool.

So, my oldest and dearest friend is here for her annual visit and we've already had a ton of fun! We had a leisurely brunch the other morning at Local 188 here in Portland, known for their atomically hot bloody mary and quirky atmosphere. It was an overcast day out, perfect for cozying up and chatting for awhile. Then, we made our way to The Green Hand Bookstore  which is a book lover's paradise. Full of a mix of great titles as well as really old and rare printings of things, I always find something great. This time around, it was an original copy of Ray Bradbury's Twice 22 with a cover by one of my favorite artists: Joseph Mugnaini (who I've mentioned before on this blog here) and an old book about hauntings. I mean, I was giddy with my finds, you guys. It's been a great visit so far, and it's only begun. I'll share more of our adventures next post.

Speaking of great artists, I have found an amazing ceramicist recently whose work I wanted to share with you: Maria Rubinke. Her work is funny and morbid and beautifully done. Mainly featuring little girls hacking themselves up and doing all manner of grotesque things, the pieces still remain elegant somehow. All that white with just some controlled pops of red, it's good stuff. Take a look:

And if you Lovelies haven't seen Paranorman yet, you need to see it before it leaves theaters because it's amazing. Well, full disclosure, I love stop motion anything, so I was already in love before I even bought my ticket, but this movie was so good. The plot, the atmosphere, the sets the characters and then the irreverent yet relevant dialogue? Perfect. Check it out!

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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