Monday, September 24, 2012

And Then There's a Chill in the Air...

Hello Lovelies!

I hope all is well for you out there this week. Things here are busy, busy as always. To start, I have made the Super Douche art print I talked about last post available as an archival print over at my Society6 shop! Four different sizes available and these prints are beautifully done by Society6.

What else? I have some very exciting projects that I will be releasing in the coming weeks that I've done for clients, my upcoming holiday promos for Stag and for my annual Halloween card that I send out every year to clients and friends. I really think you'll like what we've created (and I say 'we' because while these are my ideas and I shoot and organize them all, none of my work would be possible without a ton of people helping me out). Until then, I'll give you these hints of what I'll be shooting this weekend! (Yep, those are kids carrying a coffin and then things are going to go real crazy...)

I made a promise this Fall that despite my very busy schedule, I would get out there and do something every weekend to enjoy my favorite season. So, this past weekend, my Sweetie and her brother, and our niece went apple picking. The weather was chilly and misty, but we managed to avoid the drizzle and filled our bags with some beautiful apples and then warmed up with some fresh pumpkin donuts. (Which, if you haven't tried a donut fresh from the frier before, do it. Donuts are a whole different animal when they're homemade and fresh.) It was so much fun. See more pics here!

And speaking of Fall, I stumbled across an artist last week who I want to share with you all. Cali Lee of Halloween Treasure Studio does absolutely amazing work. She specializes in creating original works of art inspired by vintage Halloween packaging, decor, decorations, costumes, masks and so on using a very limited (and dynamic) color palette. But perhaps the best part of her work (besides her execution, style and use of color), is the fact that she paints on vintage artifacts. Vintage on vintage, you guys. I've seen a ton of people who do this, but she really is the best. You can't tell that the object was ever something before or that the work wasn't created 70 years ago. It's amazing. Maybe one day I'll be able to commission a piece...

I thought I'd wrap up with this hilarious vintage photo that I found recently. The boy is adorable, but the colors and his facial expression are just way over the top... plus, if I had to caption this shot it would say: Braaaaaaains!!!

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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