Monday, February 4, 2013

Sweet Babies & Bright Colors...

Hello Lovelies~

I hope you are all well out there this week, as usual! I am busy as per usual over here with a ton of things to share. To start, I recently photographed an absolutely beautiful newborn baby girl and unlike most very wee babies who sleep through shoots, she was awake the entire time. Which presented its challenges, but they were far outweighed by her awake and alert little face. (People who follow my work on Facebook seemed surprised to find I can do traditional portraiture too. You learn something new every day, huh? Ha!) Here are just a couple from the shoot. Her Mom and Dad were delighted, so of course, so am I.

What else? Oh! A friend turned me on to an amazing blog that features Autochrome photography of Paris from 1890-1930 and here's the best part... it's in full color! That's right, the technology of photography itself had only just been invented and yet, color had already been introduced. And what beautiful photography it is too. My favorites are below, and the rest can be found here. Amazing, truly, amazing.

And so as not to dwell too long on photography, I have also discovered an amazing painter and portrait artist who I want to share: Gottfried Helnwein. When I first happened upon his work, I thought it was photography. But no. These are photo-realistic works in acrylic and watercolor(?!?!!) and to make it even more amazing (is it possible? No. Okay, I guess so), the scale of these pieces is huge. I've posted a couple of pieces below, and also a process shot so you can see how big these are. I just... before I got into photography, I was a pencil portrait artist at 1/1 scale. This is just mind-blowing to me... Enjoy.

Compared to all the greatness above, my weekend was pretty tame! But we had a pretty clear couple of days, so I ventured out to the abandoned beaches of Old Orchard Beach (a sea of tanning oil-slathered tourists in the summer) and took some pictures. Man was it cold. And while I was out there, someone in one of the beach houses had a radio on full-volume, so this radio talk show was blaring and reverberating off all that loneliness. It was eerie. And then I found these boots. I think they're men's, but I do not care. They are worn and comfortable and have a non-slip sole. (I guess I found the one advantage to having skis for feet!) Love them.

Let's wrap up with some great typography that was in a recent issue of GQ. (I know, I know, with Beyonce right there, it's like, who notices the typography? The answer: This girl does.) What a great color scheme and mix of vintage and new typefaces (some from House Industries, my favorite type design house... *drool*) and the layout and breathing room in the design is pitch-perfect. I am in love...

Until next time: unpleasant dreams...

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